Class Rooms

Babies & Toddler(6 Months to 2 years)

The Rainbow Animals themed rooms contain a cosy corner which has soft toys, cosy cushions and interesting fiction and non-fiction books suitable for the children learning and development. The cosy corner is available throughout the day; if at any time the Children may feel the need to rest they have the freedom to visit the cosy corner and listen to stories read by their practitioner.

The rooms have an excellent range of soft toys, musical instruments, puzzles and role play babies with accessories.

There are also a range of malleable materials for the children to investigate, such as play dough, wet sand and corn flour. They also have a choice of a number of cause and effect toys which encourages fine motor control and an awareness of colour, shapes and sounds.

The children can use our high quality range of construction equipment to develop their ideas through model making and use our “small world” toys to encourage their imagination, early communication and language.

Sleeping and Changing Rooms

The British Oak Tree School also provides the Babies & Toddlers with sleeping and changing facilities.

In most of our schools we provide separate rooms for the Babies & Toddlers to sleep; this includes their own personal bed, pillow, sheet and blanket. Every Baby & Toddler will have their own personal number which is located on the pillow, sheet and blanket; this is how the practitioners and nanniesĀ (experienced maids) can identify each Babies & Toddlers bed. All bedding is washed two to three times a week for hygiene purposes.

We also provide changing facilities for the Babies & Toddlers who may not be toilet trained. The practitioners or nanniesĀ (experienced maids) will change the Babies & Toddlers on our nappy changing stations. The changing facilities are regularly cleaned and the nappy bins are emptied straight away.

Please note: The above facilities are only available at certain British Oak Tree School Branches.


Next Steps (2 to 3 years)

The sea world themed rooms provide an environment that is calm but conducive towards learning and development.

A range of construction equipment is available to enable children to investigate and develop their ideas through model making, as well as building upon their understanding of how shapes fit together.

We have an excellent range of puzzles to suit each child’s particular stage of development. The children also benefit from our role play resources and equipment, which encourages communication and language as well as imaginative play and social development.

The 2 to 3 year olds are encouraged to develop their independence through a variety of ways; such as tiding up after play time, hanging up their own belongings and placing their shoes in the correct place.

Heuristic play sessions are offered regularly, this provides the children with an opportunity to explore with a wide range of natural and everyday objects and materials.

Early Years (3 to 5 years)

Within the Galaxy themed rooms, the 3 to 5 year olds begin to develop their stepping stones towards the Early Learning Goals of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

A mark making and arts and craft table are available to encourage children to develop their independence and confidence with communication, language and literacy, which allows the children to write for a purpose using a wide range of pens, pencils, different types of paper, chalk on black boards and many more.

As with the under three’s, we also offer Heuristic play sessions to the older children. Play sessions provide excellent opportunities for children to explore in an unlimited manner with a vast range of everyday objects and natural materials. When the children are involved in the Heuristic play, the practitioner and nanniesĀ (experienced maids) will not intervene but will observe what the children are doing with the natural materials provided and make individual observations on each child (view curriculum link)