Facilities We Provide

British Oak Tree provides wonderful facilities designed for the children to enjoy whilst in a comfortable and fun environment

  • E-smart Learning

  • Children Library

  • IT Traning Station

  • Music Dance Floor

  • Simulation Theatre

  • Kids Amusement Park

  • Indoor Games::Outdoor Sports

  • Air Conditioned Environment

  • Pollution Free Set Up

  • RO::UV Drinking Water Safe

  • Centralized Music System

  • Separate(Gilrs/Boys) 16-Rest Rooms

  • Changing Rooms

  • Dietary Prescribed Nutritional Food

  • OITS Elevator With ARD

  • Doctors on Roll

  • Toilets To Size

    Comfortable toilets built according to the children’s size and hygienic wash rooms for their ever need

  • The Changing Area

    The changing area is located near the Dance and Fitness Studio which is comfortable and spacious for the children.

  • Special Educational Needs

    Special Educational Needs (SEN) will be arranged for children in a number of areas, for example; schoolwork, support to express themselves or understanding what others are saying, making friends or relating to adults, behaviour management and organising themselves

  • Themed Class Rooms

    Specially designed classrooms to nature the children’s creativity

  • Role Play Area

    A dedicated room which is delightfully designed to encourage children to use their imagination through play.

  • Sleeping Area

    A peaceful area where children are encouraged to rest

  • IT & Library Area

    Equipped with the latest technology which enables children to have a understanding of the world around them
    During role play children often sit together whilst attempting to read lots of different books, this is an opportunity where a child begins to look at letters and tells their peers “look I can see A, my name has a A in it”. Also children begin to understand story structure by following the pictures within the book to establish the beginning of the book, the middle and the end.

  • Music & Dance Area

    A place where children can explore all types of music and dance

  • Fitness and Games Area

    This area involves exercise with fun; children can enjoy using all types of exercise equipment (all suitable for ages 2 to 5 ages) and playing with different types of games.

  • First Aid

    The safety of the children and staff is of the utmost importance to British Oak Tree Nursery. This is why we have dedicated a room to cater for all medical and emotional needs of the children and staff. We have a pediatric nurse who is within the setting throughout the day and have a doctor on call in the event of an emergency.