Our Objectives
  • The importance of learning and development through fun and play
  • By acknowledging and implementing “Principles for Early Years Education”. The Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage will provide many of the elements of good practice needed to meet the needs of all the children within the setting
  • Deploying practitioners wisely, considering carefully their experience and qualifications
  • Identifying, booking and attending regular training courses to keep practitioners up to date with the regulations and guidance procedures from the British Curriculum
  • By keeping practitioners aware of the importance of team work and consideration of the children’s needs which is shown through training and role modelling
  • Understanding and implementing the policies and procedures, with the view that not only are they working documents, but that practitioners will be involved in their review and amendments on rolling programmes
  • Monitoring, evaluating and assessing of working practice and time management will reflect upon the settings Principal/Manager for the strategic development of the¬†school
  • Provide consistent updates via web page and online login for practitioners and parents which will address all areas with the aim of helping both parties in their roles
  • Providing appropriate play facilities
  • Promoting and endorsing an ethos of equal opportunities for all within the school¬†setting
  • Insuring parents and practitioners work together with The Early Years setting, the results will have a positive impact upon the children’s learning an development